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Educate a man, you educate a person; educate a woman you educate a nation

Economic Development

We believe  in economic freedom for all.  This can be  accomplished  by projects which focus on economic development

Community Developmemt

We empower communities throughout  the Diaspora.  Our primary approach is  sustainability through food security.


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The Harambee Leadership Academy for Women, In



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About Us

Our Mission

The Harambee  Leadership Academy  for Women, Inc. was established  in  2002 as  a  not for profit  community based  organization.  The  first  five  years  of operation,  our primary target was  South Linden, Columbus, Ohio.

This was  and still is an urban community that  is invested  with drug activity, crime, and violence.  We providing emergencies  services  for the young women and children who were at risk.

We have  currently expanded our mission  to include  the women and children we  serve  in all parts of Afrika; from the West to the East

How do we help?

We have fine tuned our mission to focus primarily on economic empowerment.  Over the years  we  have  learned  we  are  better equipped  to service  our people  if all are economically sound.  Entrepreneurship is  now  our primary service; and economic stability is our social mission.

Our motto:

ReClaim, ReEducate, and  ReBuild