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We ReClaim, ReEducate, and ReBuild


The Harambee Leadership Academy for Women, Inc.

The Harambee  Leadership Academy for Women, Inc. was  established  in 2002.  Sustainability through economic security is our mission.  We ReClaim, ReEducate,  and ReBuild  our "at risk" communities; both here and abroad.  

Make'da Fatou Na'eem-CEO/Founder

Reitired social worker of more than 25+ years,  Ms. Na'eem is very passionate  about her heritage and  the history  of the Afrikan born here  in Amerika.

She is also a global strategist and expert  business  developer.  She  has been very successful in  connecting people and  products through strategic partnerships.

Ms. Na'eem is a graduate of the Ohio State University where she majored in developmental pyschology and  social work.  She was able  to take her education and experiences and apply them to her Africentric  way of life and  leadership.

Garvey Trade & Development NGO

Garvey  Trade  & Development NGO;   a subsidiary of  The Harambee  Leadership Academy, Inc.  

Social and  political freedom is important in order  for a people to survive with any dignity.  With this understanding, we affirm that AFRIKA DOES NOT NEED AID; AFRIKA NEEDS  TRADE



Devastated by the effects of poverty, war, ebola, and  corruption.

Sierra Leone

Also devasted by war, extreme poverty,  ebola, and most recent loss  of thousands  of children to the floods.

Community Developmemt

We empower communities throughout  the Diaspora.  Our primary approach is  sustainability through food security.


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The Harambee Leadership Academy for Women, In



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The Gateway to Sustainability

The Watoto: The Children


November 13, 2017 marked World Orphan Day celebrating children and adults across the world who are orphaned for one reason or the other.   There are over 100,000 orphans in Liberia and many of them have been abandoned. 

 The deadly Ebola virus left over 20,000 orphans in the three most effected countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. "Liberia alone accounts for 5,000 of that number.

How do we help?

Teaching the children  basic survival  skills and  providing  them with  the tools for an education are paramount.  

We are developing  a curriculum for the young girls of Monrovia.  The modules consist of History, Survival, Community, and  Spirituality.  After completion  of basic life  training, the young  girls then receive technical training in the areas  of agriculture,  sewing, and cooking.

Successful completion of Basic  and  Technical training makes them eligible for a  micro loan  in small business.

Our motto:

ReClaim, ReEducate, and  ReBuild