Bring Back Hope to Afrika

Suliaman Issa Kamara

President  and Founder  of Bring  Back Hope  to Afrika

Sierra Leone, West Afrika

Teaching  the children  survival skills and  economic development.  

Sierra Leone-Freetown

Neighbors of our Partners  in Liberia

Bring Back Hope to Afrika

Our Mission

We are dedicated to involving ourselves in the humble task of helping the homeless, vulnerable, disabled, and  street children.

We know that  for this task we could never accomplish without the helping hand of helping hands like you.

We have a formal relationship and are key partners  with Garvey Trade & Development.  Our goal is to pool our resources to provide the underpriviledged here in Freetown with the knowledge, training, and resources to become self sufficient.

The Children-Our Orphans

The number of orphans, homeless, disabled, and vulnerable children here  in  Freetown is alarming.  The  economy has  been  devastated by past-WAR, EBOLAM, and massive  FLOODS; and political instability.  

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